Pippa King Ceramics 


I am an artist who uses clay as their canvas and glaze as their paint. I love creating and making and enjoy passing on this passion through teaching.

My Work

I have always adored, (to the point of salivating) the heavy textures and richness of colours found in material, particularly embroidered pieces. The beauty of the silks that have an almost metallic shine. However my attempts at recreating my own did not prove so beautiful. I use clay, predominantly  porcelain, which can be embossed, coloured and decorated in many ways, then I can use lustre for that metallic shine. Clay can be modelled, moulded and shaped to suit any of the functions art needs to portray. For this reason I enjoy going to my studio everyday and waiting to see what has happened by the end of it.

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My garden has inspired my work on many occasions, usually the flowers that grow there. The fact that they are brought into the home to decorate it. I have the same action with my work as I want to decorate a home with my ceramic pieces. However textiles and wallpaper belong in a house too and so I fuse these elements to my pieces. The range of " wall flowers," that I have recently produced even have antique gold buttons for their centres. These buttons are now to be found, with others, adorning little side dishes that I am currently making.